Community Outreach and Engagement Ideas for Teachers

It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child, which means the residents of your community are just as crucial to helping your students achieve their academic and personal development goals as nearly any other members of your administration. Obtain community support and show your neighbors why they should be invested in… Continue Reading >

Elementary School Teachers: Top 10 Ways to Wrap Up the Academic Year

It’s hard to believe — it’s almost the end of another school year! The close of another academic year is bittersweet. After all, you’re so proud of all that your students have achieved and you’re happy to see them move forward, yet on the other hand, boy are you going to miss them! Before you… Continue Reading >

Teachers: Resolve To Be More Organized in 2018

Did you know that January 9th is National Clean Off Your Desk Day? While this may be a made up holiday, why not take today as an opportunity to get more organized? After all, the beginning of the year is a great time to clean up and declutter. Follow these simple ideas and you’ll be… Continue Reading >

A Teacher’s Guide to Surviving the Week Before Winter Break

“The students are so calm right before December break.” Said no teacher, ever! By now, you’re probably just as excited as your students are about winter break. The week before any holiday break can be stressful for teachers and students alike, with tests and projects that must be completed in spite of the excitement in… Continue Reading >