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WOW! Adding Pizzazz to Teaching and Learning, Second Edition (EBOOK and Softcover)

Stephen G. Barkley, 2013, 92 pages
Paperback, 5 3/8” x 8 ½”

EBOOK Version also available for $7.95.

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In  the Second Edition of WOW! Adding Pizzazz to Teaching and Learning, Steve Barkley offers even more innovative ways to enliven your classroom and your school day.

  • Learn how to create WOWs to draw attention and sink learning into memory in schools
  • Discover how WOWs make lesson plans fun
  • Understand  the brain-based power of a well-designed WOW
  • Gain creative ideas for celebrations, team building and school events

"I will never cover rules the first day of school again! Catching students with a WOW the first day was amazing and powerful."

-Ruth Angert, Florida High School Teacher

"We quickly hooked all teachers by asking them to create ways to hook students on the first day with a WOW they could share with their parents. We will absolutely bring in WOWs for other things throughout the year."

-Peggy Hollis, Georgia Elementary Principal

ISBN: 978-1-892334-36-7

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