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Fulfill Act 48 Credits. Continuing Education that Pays Off.

PLS 3rd Learning has delivered professional development and education graduate classes to thousands of educators for over 40 years. Choose from hundreds of classes delivered conveniently online or face-to-face across Pennsylvania.

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Our classes Pay Off for you and your students by:

  • Teaching new skills to use in your classroom tomorrow
  • Fulfilling teacher recertification and Act 48 requirements with course content backed by research
  • Increasing your earning potential fulfilling PD requirements or with your Master’s Degree from Wilkes University

Some Course Topics Include:

Achieving Student Outcomes Through Cooperative Learning™

Discover how to successfully implement cooperative learning and set up, monitor, and debrief student learning. Learn more…

Brain-Based Ways We Think and Learn™

Explore the thinking skills of induction, deduction, analysis, and synthesis. Discover how an enriched and brain-compatible environment enhances learning. Learn more…

Building Communication and Teamwork in the Classroom®

Reach a new level of positive communication with strategies designed to foster an emotionally engaging classroom where students are connected to school, learning, and one another. Learn more…

Classroom Management: Orchestrating a Community of Learners®

Explore basic techniques for orchestrating an effective learning environment where instruction flows smoothly, student misbehavior is minimized, and the potential for learning is maximized. Learn more…

Purposeful Learning Through Multiple Intelligences®

Discover the power and potential of teaching and learning through Howard Gardner’s multiple intelligences. Explore classroom strategies and explore entry points for integrating the intelligences into your classroom to engage and challenge diverse learners. Learn more…