Earn a $25 Amazon Gift Card* for inviting friends to PLS 3rd Learning classes!

Refer a friend and earn a reward. For every friend who completes his or her first PLS 3rd Learning class, we’ll send both you and your friend a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Enter up to five friends at a time, and refer as many friends as you’d like.

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*In order to be eligible for the Refer a Friend incentive, you must be a past participant of PLS 3rd Learning classes. Only individuals who have not previously taken a PLS 3rd Learning class are eligible referrals. You and the person you refer will each be sent a $25 Amazon gift card when the referred friend has completed his/her first class. The first person to refer an individual will be assigned the referral of that person. Employees of PLS 3rd Learning may not participate in this promotion. Any referrals to PLS 3rd Learning classes previous to the launch of this program (June 12, 2014) are not eligible for this incentive.

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Please be aware that each state and educational district has its own guidelines and rules. It is your responsibility to make sure that our classes legally fulfill your school’s requirements for Professional Certification.