PLS Classes

On-Site Materials

What kind of on-site materials are right for you? Each on-site class participant must choose digital or print manuals during the registration process. It’s important to determine the format that will be most comfortable for you.

The number of pages in the participant manuals range between 266 and 506. It’s most likely less expensive for you to incur the $30 print materials fee if you wish to have the full manual in print.

If you choose our digital materials, please understand the following:

The right device:

  • Transportability of your device should be a consideration given the interactivity of our class sessions. Some participants have found that moving around the classroom with a full-sized laptop computer is awkward.
  • Be aware that some class sites may have limited outlets for devices that need to be frequently charged or remain plugged in. You may wish to bring along an extension cord.

Prior to the 1st day of class:

  • Download the most current version of Adobe Reader (free software available at Adobe Reader should allow you to highlight, add text, or draw on a PDF file. You will be writing on the majority of the pages. We also suggest bringing a tablet of paper.
  • Invest the time working with your device so that you are proficient in how to highlight, add text, and draw on a PDF file prior to coming to class. You should be as comfortable with a pen and highlighter on your device as you are on paper. Your instructor will not have the time to teach you. Be aware that doing these tasks on your device will take more time than writing on paper, and some devices do not support writing with a stylus.
  • Download all of the PDF documents to your electronic device prior to your first day of class. You cannot rely on internet access. It’s also helpful to become familiar with navigating the documents on your device before class starts.

Digital materials that need to be printed:

  • There will be some required printed materials for the first class session, and you will be writing on these pages as you participate in class.
  • Printing the course assessments and bringing them to class is also recommended.