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M.S. in Teaching Excellence through Mercyhurst University

Elevate your teaching career with Mercyhurst University’s Master’s in Teaching Excellence. Designed for certified teachers in grades K-12, this program offers a highly innovative and customizable path to a master’s degree while also allowing you to fulfill your ACT 48 requirements.

With this flexible and personalized program, students can receive credit toward their master’s from PLS Classes coursework, teaching experience, PDE endorsements, or transfer credits from other graduate programs.

This program requires the completion of 30 credits. Up to fifteen (15) of the thirty (30) credits can be completed through Mercyhurst University’s partnership with PLS Classes. PLS offers classes online, on-site, and facilitated self-paced online.

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PLS Classes Coursework

Up to fifteen (15) credit hours of PLS coursework can be used to satisfy your elective requirements. For other elective options, please visit Mercyhurst University’s website.

Online (3 credits each)
Each of the following courses are available online at least twice each semester*. You can search and register for classes through our website.

  • EDU 522 Action Research for the Classroom™ *
  • EDU 507 Building Online Collaborative Environments™
  • EDU 506 Building and Synchronous Learning Design™
  • EDU 503 Cultural Competence: A Transformative Journey™
  • EDU 504 Educating the Net Generation™
  • EDU 509 Foundations of Literacy: Beginning Reading™
  • EDU 508 Facilitating Online Learning Communities™
  • EDU 510 Instructional Coaching™
  • EDU 511 Instructional Design for Online Educators™

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On-Site (3 credits each)
Each of the following on-site courses are available throughout western Pennsylvania during the year. You can search and register for classes through our website.

  • EDU 521 Behavioral, Academic, and Social Interventions for the Classroom™
  • EDU 514 Brain-Based Ways We Think and Learn™
  • EDU 515 Building Communication and Teamwork in the Classroom™
  • EDU 516 Collaborative Inquiry for Students: Preparing Minds for the Future™
  • EDU 517 Designing Motivation for All Learners®
  • EDU 519 Meaningful Activities to Generate Interesting Classrooms™
  • EDU 505 Professional Learning for Teacher Effectiveness™
  • EDU 524 Student Engagement and Standards-Based Learning™

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Online and On-Site (3 credits each)
Each of the following courses are available both online and on-site at different times throughout the year. You can search and register for classes through our website.

  • EDU 501 Classroom Management: Orchestrating a Community of Learners®
  • EDU 502 Differentiated Instruction for Today’s Classroom™
  • EDU 512 Purposeful Learning Through Multiple Intelligences™
  • EDU 513 Reading Across the Curriculum™
  • EDU 520 Successful Teaching for Acceptance of Responsibility®
  • EDU 523 Teaching Through Learning Channels™

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Facilitated Self-Paced Courses:
Each the following online courses is self-paced, allowing you to work at your own pace with a dedicated facilitator. To register for one of the following self-paced courses, please click here, or call (866) 757-2527.

For each course you complete, you will also obtain a micro-credential from PLS!

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*EDU 522 Action Research for the Classroom™ is only available during the fall and spring semesters.