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PLS Classes

Why I love teaching PLS classes:

I believe that great teaching is truly an art form. What I love about teaching PLS 3rd Learning classes is showing participants their potential and helping them grow into it. Great teaching, for students of any age, touches the future. It is planting the seeds of dreams, and then helping students work toward, and gradually reach, those dreams.

What are students saying about my classes?

“Steven is a fantastic instructor! His ability to clarify and add to the content is so helpful. He keeps things light and moving. The teaching knowledge he brings to the classroom is inspiring. His positive attitude is contagious. His use of quotes, music, and teaching anecdotes really added to the class! He is motivating and thought-provoking, and gets his students to see things from multiple perspectives which maximizes the learning. A great investment of my time!” Paula Zink, Jefferson Elementary, Belleville, IL