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PLS Classes

Why I love teaching PLS classes:

My first PLS 3rd Learning class opened my eyes to what teaching could be: interesting, stimulating, motivating, meaningful, and fun! Twenty classes later, I find that I am still motivated and still learning. I want teachers to feel the excitement that is generated from meaningful courses.

About Me

My husband and I live in the country with a cat named Dorie and a black lab named Bart. Our son, Bryan and his wife, Sarah, live in nearby New Harmony, Indiana. Sarah is also an elementary teacher. I love refinishing antiques, gardening, old movies with happy endings, sewing, calligraphy, and playing with my grandson, Joel.

What are students saying about my classes?

"Pam O'Risky was a phenomenal instructor. She collaborated with us in online discussions; provided us with useful tools which she created or adapted along the way; and gave detailed feedback on nearly every assignment! We were treated professionally at all times and uplifted by the input which she provided on assignments." - Paula Shelley, Kokomo, IN