Nancy Hanback, M.S.

Professional educator since 1991.

Why I love teaching PLS 3rd Learning classes:

Where else can you spend a week amongst so many professionals, learning, sharing, and enjoying a class that is so practical and relevant? I love getting to know so many teachers from so many areas and providing them with these great PLS 3rd Learning classes! Everyone wins, including the students who will be in those teachers’ classrooms the following year.

About Me

When I’m not in the classroom teaching, I am a perennial and vegetable gardener. Although I’m not a good golfer, I love to spend time on the course with my family – and my pink clubs!

What are students saying about my classes?

"The MAGIC class instructed by Nancy Hanback was truly an amazing experience. I have been out of the classroom for 13 years but needed to renew my license. Needless to say, I was very nervous about the prospect of taking a class since it has been so long since I've been in college, but Nancy did a great job of easing my tension. She is a fabulous instructor who was caring and understood my situation along with the situations of all in the class. I would recommend her to anyone." - Jenean Stuckey, Spencerville, IN