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PLS Classes

Mindy Lower, M.A.

My Degrees:

B.A. in Special Education, University of Illinois, 1975

M.A. in Teaching and Learning Through Technology, Ashford University, 2006

More Information:

E: registration@PLS3rdLearning.com

P: 866.PLS.CLAS (866.757.2527)

Why I love teaching PLS classes:

My favorite moment in teaching is when I see students become excited and passionate about their learning. To be a part of that process as both a classroom teacher and PLS 3rd Learning instructor is an honor. PLS 3rd Learning classes are relevant and practical, which make them enjoyable to teach. These classes provide opportunities for teachers throughout the world to network and share as we all move toward becoming more effective teachers.

About Me

My husband and I raised our four children on a family farm in the Midwest. Those four children are now married and have provided us with five grandchildren to enjoy. In my free time, I enjoy reading, playing with technology, camping, and taking trips out to the Rocky Mountains to jeep.