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PLS Classes

Margaret Broderick, Ph.D.

My Degrees:

B.S. in Music Education, Duquesne University, 1993

M.S. in Education, Duquesne University, 1995

Ph.D. in Instruction and Learning, University of Pittsburgh, 2004

ESL add-on certification (PA), 2012

More Information:

E: registration@PLS3rdLearning.com

P: 866.PLS.CLAS (866.757.2527)

Why I love teaching PLS classes:

I love knowing that I’m making a lifelong difference in someone’s life. As a PLS 3rd Learning instructor, it’s so great working with teachers from all over the country (and beyond!) and sharing ideas about things that truly impact our daily teaching.

About Me

In my spare time, I also love knitting, reading, baking, and just spending time with my family.