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PLS Classes

Judy Lalli, M.S.

Where I Teach:

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My Degrees:

B.S. in Education, University of Pennsylvania, 1970

M.S. in Education, University of Pennsylvania, 1971

More Information:

E: registration@PLS3rdLearning.com

P: 866.PLS.CLAS (866.757.2527)

Why I love teaching PLS classes:

PLS 3rd Learning classes have dramatically changed my own teaching style. Almost daily, I have an ""Aha!"" moment when I realize I have just used a skill that I learned in a class myself. I love teaching PLS 3rd Learning classes because I love sharing the philosophy and practical techniques of the courses with other teachers. I feel extremely lucky to have this wonderful job where I can interact with other teachers and share the excitement that comes with learning and teaching. I can't imagine doing anything else.

About Me

I live in wonderful downtown Philadelphia, where my husband and I take advantage of the culture and delicious food that the city has to offer. I am in three book clubs, and keeping up with the reading gives a whole new meaning to the term "lifelong learner."

What are students saying about my classes?

"Judy Lalli was an incredible online instructor. She was focused on her students getting the most out of the content, and the conversation was huge. Judy was readily available and quick to respond. It was by far the most positive experience I have had with an online course to date."  - Ally Bayly, PA