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PLS Classes

Why I love teaching PLS classes:

Nothing can beat the satisfaction of helping teachers discover new strategies to improve the craft of teaching. Teachers look to PLS 3rd Learning for positive, practical tools that will help them better meet the needs of their students. There are also a few surprises along the way, such as when "Bill" told me on the first day of class that he was an "old dinosaur" who didn't plan to get much out of his PLS 3rd Learning class.  He was just there to get a bump in pay. His fellow students applauded for him when he announced on the last day of class that his experience with PLS 3rd Learning had rejuvenated him – and would lead him to create some big changes in his classroom.

About Me

My wife Karen is an outstanding middle school art educator.  I had the pleasure of teaching all three of our daughters Psychology as high school seniors.  All three went on to major or minor in psychology in college!

What are students saying about my classes?

"John Schmitt has the perfect demeanor for facilitating teacher-education classes, and shows great care, enthusiasm, and compelling belief in what he does. He meets each person where they are and in a kind and completely nonjudgmental way encourages improvement and change in each person’s teaching philosophy and instruction. His impact is immeasurable because the learning is passed on to students and beyond. John embodies and models the big ideas and strategies that he is passing on to educators." -  Karen Potocki, North East, PA