Jeanne Dial, M.A.

Professional educator since 1996.

Why I love teaching PLS 3rd Learning classes:

PLS 3rd Learning classes continue to be the BEST professional development graduate classes for teachers. The classes are field tested nationally, content is current and refreshing, and the practical application practiced throughout the courses is inspiring. I pledge to my participants that this should and will be the best graduate class you've ever taken, every class you take. That's why people keep coming back.

What are students saying about my classes?

"Taking a PLS class with Jeanne Dial is worth every minute. Jeanne is a master teacher and is able to communicate "why" something is important to know or do. She is well versed in the many learning styles. Learning with Jeanne is experiential and energized. Jeanne is an inspiring teacher making each class relevant and applicable for any subject and age."  - Mary Sorensen, Novi, MI