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Teaching the English Language Learner™ Online

Course Description:

Apply the knowledge, skills, and resources to service English language learners in their journey to becoming linguistically proficient. Identify academic content, then design and deliver appropriate instruction for second language learners so they may compete with native speakers in a consistently competitive global and information society.

This course is available in both 7-week and 4-week online formats.

Credit Hours: 3

Required Text: Pre K–12 English Language Proficiency Standards by M. Gottlieb, L. Carnuccio, G. Ernst-Slavie, and A. Katz (Ed.), published by TESOL, 2006

Course Syllabus: Click to Download

Course Project:

Graduate courses include a course project designed to strengthen your professional practice and extend your knowledge related to the specific content of the course. An example of an online course project is included for your review.

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