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Instructional Strategies to Increase Student Achievement™

Course Description:

Effective teaching involves the thoughtful selection of instructional strategies based on student needs, subject matter, and the context of the lesson. Participants will examine ways that students may transfer learning as a result of classroom activities that are tightly aligned to instructional outcomes.

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Credits: 3
Format: Self-Paced Online

About Self-Paced Courses
Self-paced courses are conducted in a 1:1 environment, where participants are assigned to a dedicated facilitator who will provide feedback on assignments. Participants work at their own pace, provided that they successfully complete all assignments by the determined end date of the course. The facilitator will check in to ensure the participant has adequate time to complete any assignments that may require implementation and/or reflection. A recommended pacing guide, for ease of staying on track, will be provided.
Self-paced courses typically begin on a Tuesday, which gives the facilitator a chance to contact the participant after they register to discuss course expectations as well as their role in the learning engagement. After registration, our Operations team will contact the participant to finalize the registration and make sure they are ready to get started.
Please note, there are no prerequisites for our self-paced courses and they can be taken in any order. The numbering systems for these courses serve as a means to provide accurate course credit on transcripts.

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