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Differentiated Instruction for Today’s Classroom™ Online

Course Description:

Acquire key knowledge, skills, and strategies to differentiate instruction in your classroom. Explore practical techniques for differentiating content, process, and product to meet students’ diverse learning needs. Discover how to analyze data to guide instruction and design meaningful learning experiences.

What’s new?

Based on the feedback and suggestions from educators, this course has recently been revised and updated (Fall 2019) to enhance the overall learning experience for participants. This course now includes:

  • New research and videos which show differentiated instruction in action.
  • Streamlined learning activities that emphasize key course ideas.
  • New resources for educators who want to continue improving their professional practice.

Finally, we eliminated synchronous group work to accommodate the busy educational professional’s need to work at his or her own pace and time.

This course is available in both 7-week and 4-week online formats.

Credit Hours: 3

Required Texts: How to Differentiate Instruction in Academically Diverse Classrooms, Third Edition, by C. A. Tomlinson, published by ASCD, 2017

Course Syllabus: Click to Download

Course Project:

Graduate courses include a course project designed to strengthen your professional practice and extend your knowledge related to the specific content of the course. An example of an online course project is included for your review.

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