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Developing Executive Function to Empower Learners™

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Developing Executive Function to Empower Learners is a three-credit-hour course that focuses on the correlation between student learning and the executive function skills of the brain. Mind matters, and strong executive function skills enhance student learning and empower students throughout their academic and professional lives. Participants learn how to develop and strengthen executive function in the areas of organization and planning, focus and attention, working memory, effort and resilience, cognitive flexibility, directness, and inhibitory control. Classroom-applicable strategies are presented in a content-oriented manner that educators can use to strengthen executive function skills in all learners.

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Why are there multiple offerings with the course number EDU-558?

EDU-558 is the course number assigned when a new PLS course is approved through Wilkes University. This course number is temporary and is typically used for at least one semester. If the district or entity approving your course(s) for reimbursement inquires about EDU-558 being a repeat of a course you have already completed, please contact us 866-757-2527, email us at registration@PLSClasses.com, and/or supply this explanation. We are happy to clarify or answer any questions. To see the courses listed with this number, please visit the Wilkes University website: [EDU-558 Topics Courses]

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Podcast for Teachers: Building Students Executive Functioning

Teachers can invest in conscious planning to create opportunities for students to strengthen executive functioning skills. Experienced teacher and teacher educator, Brenda Watkins, outlines the benefits and example strategies for all grade levels.

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