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Action Research for the Classroom™ Online

Course Description:

Learn the phases of the research cycle and effective methods for data collection. Examine your instructional practices and develop, conduct, and analyze the results of a data collection plan. Showcase your findings in an action research report that includes how you plan to improve your current practices.

Please note that, for an authentic  learning experience in this course, you will need to be a current classroom teacher and/or have access to students or a learning community where you can observe others, reflecting on and sharing your experiences.

Credit Hours: 3

Required Text: You and Your Action Research Project by J. McNiff, published by Routledge, 2016, 4th edition

Course Syllabus: Click to Download

Course Project:

Graduate courses include a course project designed to strengthen your professional practice and extend your knowledge related to the specific content of the course. An example on-site and online course project are included for your review.

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