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About PLS 3rd Learning Graduate Education Courses for Educators:

For over 40 years, PLS 3rd Learning courses have engaged educators all over the world. Our graduate education courses for educators are an affordable, convenient opportunity to advance educators careers. Each online and on-site class earns three hours of graduate credit. Our classes can be applied to teacher recertification, and may help with movement on the salary scale. They can also be used towards professional development requirements, or select Master’s degrees.

By keeping our class size small, we ensure every participant receives personalized attention and the opportunity to excel. And every PLS 3rd Learning course is aligned to the components in Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching. This encourages our educators to analyze, assess, and improve their professional practices.

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Please be aware that each state and educational district has its own guidelines and rules. It is your responsibility to make sure that PLS 3rd Learning courses fulfill your school or state requirements.