Elementary School Teachers: Top 10 Ways to Wrap Up the Academic Year

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestPrintemailIt’s hard to believe — it’s almost the end of another school year! The close of another academic year is bittersweet. After all, you’re so proud of all that your students have achieved and you’re happy to see them move forward, yet on the other hand, boy are you going to miss them! Before you… Continue Reading >

Give Your Students the Tools to Bridge the Summer

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestPrintemailWith summer just around the corner and final exams wrapping up, students and teachers are undoubtedly looking forward to break. While students dream of free time, the great outdoors, hanging with friends, and family vacations, many teachers also plan to enjoy the warm weather, setting aside time for individual hobbies and interests. While everyone is… Continue Reading >

Summer Goals: Get Ahead, Learn More, Experience Something New

FacebookTwitterLinkedinPinterestPrintemailSpring has finally sprung and the fresh, warm air promises that summer vacation will be here before you know it! As the school year winds down, you’ll probably be daydreaming about what you are going to do with your time off. After all, summer break is one of the major benefits of being a teacher…. Continue Reading >